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Kimberly M. Knight, MS, BCC
"Coach Kim"

CEO, New Beginnings Training Center, Inc.

Married high school sweetheart five days after college graduation. DELIGHTED

Ten years of marriage and two children later, discovered husband started another family across town. DIVORCED

At the time, employed as a family law paralegal. Soon to be ex-husband and his lawyer humiliated her on Friday in front of the judge that she would work with on Monday. DEMEANED

Spent the next 13 years single-again, raised two children without any support, financial or otherwise, from their father, and caretaker for dad with long term terminal illness. DETERMINED

Decision made not to pursue any relationships because of responsibilities (raised two children, caretaker for dad for 8 years, full-time job, earned a grad degree, six certifications in life and business coaching, opened a business, led 4.5 ministries - don’t ask, mentored girls ages 13 to 25, and wrote a book). DELIBERATE

Six months after dad’s death, mom diagnosed with long-term debilitating, fatal illness. Left new higher paying, less stressful job to be her caretaker. DEVASTATED

Four years later, had an encounter with the Lord Who said, “Enjoy your life. It is time for a DRASTIC change.” Left stressful, underpaying full time job for full-time entrepreneurship and started the manuscript for a 2nd book. DELIVERED

The next day met godly, highly educated, successful dream man and married him eight months later. This relationship has a kingdom purpose and plan that is beautifully

unfolding as we speak.


James A. Knight, EdD, PhD, RRT
"Dr. Jay"

Chief Medical Officer/Clinical Director
New Beginnings Training Center, Inc.

Medical professional


World traveler


Divorced 30 years

Ready for a godly wife

Broken engagement

Failed relationships

God answered prayer

Married the woman of his dreams


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